Saturday, June 30, 2007

All Set

My Crackpicks order hath arrived.


And just in time for my trip to Ancram, too.


Oh, and for your voyeuristic enjoyment, a random picture I took on set the other day

at work

Can you spot and name the famous designer??

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Quick question:

How come, when you happen to find out that your toilet is broken and your lazy putz of a super refuses to come out of his apartment cause it's (gasp!) 10:30pm, do you suddendly develop an incredible thirst, and the inability to think about anything other than the fact that there is an urge to use said facilities?

Just wondering...

Anyway, I realize that I had left a bunch of photos out - mainly cause I hadn't taken them yet, and to distract myself from the sound of water, water all around me (seriously, it's raining cats and dogs out there), I figured I'd do a shorty post. And I just accidentally wrote pisst. Sigh.

Remember I talked about double decker trains? I was kinda bummed that I hadn't taken any photos of the train. And then, on my way home from Rhode Island, I saw across the platform, this:


Thanks, serendipity!

And speaking of Rhode Island, the scene I was working on was a Jewish / Indian wedding. The makeup artist called me a few days beforehand to tell me what to bring, what to expect, etc. She mentioned the scene, and I laughed "Oh, I have lots of experience with both of those!" See, the town I grew up in has a huge Indian population. Seriously, most of my girlfriends at home are named, Shilpa, Latha, Priya. I'd give a shout out, but I don't think they read this. So anyway, she asked if I would try and find Mehndi stencils. I said I thought it'd be faster to freehand them. And lo and behold -


It's actually supposed to be much more delicat and fine - I had what was basically a felt tip marker to draw this. Still, I'm pretty damn proud of it. Brought me back to my friend's weddings. By far the most fun weddings I've ever attended. All the dancing, the music, the food, getting to wear saris.

Today's Waste Not, Want Not Tip O' The Day...

Do you have any beauty products that come in a metal tube? Do you hate how much waste there is, since it's nigh impossible to roll up the used portion of said tube neatly? Why, me too! I have just the solution for you.....The Hair Color Tube Crimper!!!!


And just look what it does!


I must be cracked. I'm blogging about crimping toothpaste tubes. Fuck it, here's a knitting project for you.


This lumpy mess of purple will eventually be this bit of lovelinesss

Z0574i 03 Shrugs Cardis Wraps.indd

It's Cropped Cardigan with Leaf Ties, which is probably Knitty's least elegantly named pattern. Instead of the yarn called for, I'm usings Elsabeth Lavold's Silky Wool, and I just now found out she's Swedish. A bonus, in my mind. Anyway, I'm making it longer in the waist and arms, and I'm sneaking in a fleur de lis image in the back. And probably a flare at the edges. Or something.

So there. Some random thoughts, some knitting, some crossed legs.

And go see La Vie En Rose. Great flick. Harrowing as hell, but so worth your eleven bucks.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Things That Make Me Giggle

You know, I've been way too mopey lately. Sure, work has been trying, but hey! At least I'm able to make a living slinging powder and mucking about with glue and yak hair. The weather hasn't been too bad, I've been able to travel, both locally and internationally, I have fantastic friends and a pretty cool family, of whom I don't get to see enough even though they live a mere half an hour away because if I have to spend one more god forsaken minute dealing with mass transit because lately I have become more familiar with train stations than with former significant others and.....

Stop. Breathe. Count blessings.

Right, ok.

Yes. I've been livin' on the railroad, all the livelong day. But in that time I have finished several projects (of which I forgot to take pix, sorry), I've caught up on podcasts. New faves, Stash and Burn, Knitting Psychos, I do really like KnitPick's new podcast and It's a Purl, Man. You go, Guido, represent the straight male knitter! And I've been able to download old episodes of podcasts I've been listening to. Was thinking about downloading Chub Creek's old backlog, but that's like 40 podcasts. Don't know how much of Gary's burping I can take. But, I have about 8 hours worth of train time I'm looking at this weekend, and that's what Steve Jobs created the scroll wheel for.

But anyway, back to the whole 'I shall not mope' thing. I've been appreciating the little things, the things that I see around town that just make me stop and smile. And you know what kicked it off?

I was walking down 6th Avenue, around Prince Street, and I noticed this hamburger stand


I mean, being so bright and yellow and blue, how could I not? Cute, I thought. And walked on by. Ran my errand, and headed back the way I came. Where I saw how deep this Bloo place was


I mean, seriously, how funny is that! Wide as a block, deep as a debutante's morals. (I was going to write, My Morals, but I have to give myself some credit sometime)

Yesterday I went out to Long Island to visit my friend Jule. She does makeup and hair, and promised to color my hair as a birthday present. So of course I took the two hour train ride out there. Am I the only person secretly in love with double decker trains? Weird, I know. Anyway, her boyfriend has a dog. A big bulldog named Archie who loves to beg for food at the dinner table. So I was eating this pesto Jule had made and felt....a nudge in a sorta private area. And looked down.


Hey, pal, you usually need to buy me dinner before you can do that.

And check out the color!


Is that not just so cool and vibrant?! This is the first time I've colored my hair in months. God, that felt good to play around with color again. Next up, blond. Or maybe this:

stunt wig

Tee hee. This is a stunt wig from that Connecticut movie that I got to try on.

And one last one. I'm not the first one to post this, but it's so damn cute, and we were having such a good time.


That's Rebecca, me, and Bev at The Point.

Bev took that on her laptop, using PhotoBooth. I'm really conflicted about this computer. A) I want it. Period. B) It's nearly $1500, including tax and support. C) I only have to pay half, since the other half has been promised as a present. D) That's a lot of money to get as a present. E) New operating system comes out in October. F) I don't want to wait until October.

Dave and I took a cute photo on a computer at the Apple store in Toronto. Should've emailed it to myself. Ah well. Hey, Dave, if you're reading this, could you email me the pictures you took that weekend? Oh, and please take a picture of Milk in a Bag. Jessamyn can't wrap her head around that concept.

Okay, I have to wake up in five hours. And this was a long one.

Project pix after the weekend.

And go find something to giggle at.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Minx is a Dink

So, having decided to journey far up North, I packed up my mukluks and fur-lined hood, and flew on up to Canada.

Where it was about 7 degrees warmer than here in the city.

I had a wonderful time. Flew up in an airplane that had the diameter of a cigar tube, waited an hour in customs (what is the purpose of your visit? Just meeting a friend. Have you met this person before? Well, we've known each other about a year, but, uh....How did you meet this person? (me in a very very small voice) um, online? And I wonder why they sent me aside for additional questioning. When, o when will I learn to lie???

Anyway, finally got through and Dave picked me up at the airport and we went and had a great dinner and walked by a beautiful lake and toured downtown Toronto and hung out and talked and cooked and just generally had a wonderful time.

And, I got to be on his podcast!! Here, go check it out! You have many ways to do this:

•Hit the Chub Creek Podcast button to your right
•Hit the "I Heart Chub Creek big red button to your lower right
•Go to iTunes and seach under podcasts for Chub Creek. I'm on episode 92, The Minx Leaves Manhattan

Or, y'all can be lazy gits and just click here

And for everyone who came over here from listening to the podcast, Hi! Sorry I couldn't give out the real dish, but you know, I like that whole...working thing.

Sorry to make this such a short post, I just wanted to get it up there so people would have something to look at other than pictures of my frying pans. Knitting and cooking updates to come soon.