Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Uh, 12 Step, Part II


My name is Minx, and I'm a horrible blogger.

...Hi Minx...

It's not that I mean to not post, I don't mean to let the legions of faithful readers check for updates daily, nay, hourly, eyes brimming with fresh hope as they type in just the first few letters of this blog (cit....) and their browser dutifully, some might say eagerly, rushes in to complete the URL, just to have those afore mentioned hopes dashed as a wave against a craggy rock, and that brimming hope turn to tears of disappointment, as they realize, once again, that instead of letting you, g. reader, know what I've been knitting, cooking, working on, reading, and partying with, I had decided to watch another rerun of Gilmore Girls.

Is it me, or is Alexis Bleidel starting to really suck as an actress?

I confess, it's been a busy time. I've worked a lot (yay), cooked a little (nothing stupendous), knitted....not so much (sue me). But generally, the mood hasn't struck. The muse hasn't whispered. But now, after some gentle reminders (hey, when the hell are you going to update? Hellooooo, are you there?), plus the fact it's almost 3am and sleep deprivation is always a fine seasoning to my ramblings, I present, a few pictures.

Sorry guys, it's all I can come up with for now.

So, Rhinebeck!

Yes, I went to the Sheep and Wool festival, or as The Boy called it, the Yarn Orgy. As you can see, we ladies had a grand old time:

I have to say, the first day was disappointing. I went mostly off by myself, driven by the psychotic need to see all the yarn that was there so I wouldn't miss anything . So, in my frenzy, nothing appealed. Nope. Not a skein. I'm not saying that beautiful yarn wasn't there, it's just that nothing was speaking to me. Or was hella expensive. So I was sad, so sad, when all my friends were showing off their purchases, and I was showing off my jar of maple syrup-covered peanuts.

That night, to console myself, I mixed together about 8 different kinds of sugary cereal and made "8 different kinds of sugary cereal" Treats. Fab.

After that sugar high, and the necessary Klonopin to come back down so that I may sleep, I realized that my tactic was off. I needed a guru. Katy was my chosen victim, uh, I mean compadre. The day started off with, I must say, an awesome omen. I spotted the Harlot.

Yes, it was none other that blogging, knitting, writing, all-around cool being Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. So of course I had to go up and introduce myself to a perfect stranger and say that I, too, was a blogger, and sorry to bother her, and blah blah blah, which I think I actually uttered. She was gracious enough to a crazy woman who was preventing her from getting a cup of coffee (that would be me). I drifted away, charged, and ready to charge.

And I did. Woo boy, lots and lots. And of course I would show, but I've already lost most of the receipts, so I have no idea where most of the yarn came from. Tell you what, as I use it, I'll post pix. Ah ha ha ha, hee hee, tee, haw haw, ah, sigh. Scuse me while I wipe away a tear. Like I'll ever get around to using the yarn. Sigh.

Anyhoo, fun was had, money was spent, lamb was eaten. And met!

Yep, a person in a sheep costume. You know, I really can't think of anything to add to that statement. But look at my bag of yarn!


So, tomorrow is Halloween. I'm sorry, today is Halloween, and I'm going to go as Marie Antoinette. Yes, I do love an original idea. I just spent 3 hours jacking up a wig, and if I wasn't so tired, I'd post a picture. Tomorrow. I'll have lots of pictures of me as a French princess, Gino as another version of the same, and The Boy in a face painting extravaganza that he's been telling me about for weeks now. I can't wait. So tomorrow, or whenever my hangover goes away, I'll write about the shenanigans and freaks and fun and fabulousness.

For now, here's a couple of cute pictures of Jez:

She loves my new skull belt.

Doesn't this look like it hurts?

Happy Halloween!

I need to join a 12 step group for posters



i'm going to bed