Friday, July 20, 2007


Things you may not realize:

•The make-up room at Rent is 3 flights up. No elevator.
•The 'backstage' area of Rent is actually in the basement. One and a half flights downstairs from ground level.
•I am back a Rent for a few dates. Plus some training. Yesterday.
•During the run of a typical show, I go up and down all those stairs about four or five times. Not counting when I arrive, set up, or leave.
Rebecca lives two flights up, which is actually about 4 flights up, no elevator. She has a lovely apartment, by the way.
•My make-up kit consists of a rolling bag that weighs, hang on...thirty one and a half pounds, my make-up box which weighs 16 pounds (think 3 bags of flour), and my "purse" which I'm afraid to weigh.
•I went up and down those flights twice today. Carrying my kit. Tho she helped on the way down.
•I am not a person who, how shall I say this, exercises.

•I am quite, quite sore. (tho I think by now you would've realized that)

(PS: I am afraid to take a bath since I have not scrubbed my shower in, oh, a few weeks. As I don't wear my contacts while I shower, I have no idea what it really looks like. While this is probably safer for my mental health, it really, really makes me not want to take a hot bubble bath right now. I may have to check into a hotel)


  • At 11:04 AM, Blogger Rebecca said…

    Thanks for hanging with me in Brooklyn yesterday! I guess I take for granted how much "exercise" I get climbing those stairs every day!


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