Wednesday, February 28, 2007


it's 3:47 am. i just came home from Pat Field's birthday party at Cielo. I decided not to wear a coat, and Gino's name wasn't on the list, so i stood outside freezing for half an hour wearing what amounted to a silk nightie.

it's weird. there were people from my past that i had expected to see there. and it's disconcerting to realize that most of them are dead or married, or just different now. the ones i do know, from back in the day, are so surgically altered it seems like I'm meeting brand new people.

it's 3:50am. I'm not drunk, I ate at Florent before coming home. I can't reach behind myself high enough to unzip my dress, I'm wearing tights I've owned since the late 80's, but it's my first time wearing them. They're cute, they look like a crossword puzzle, and in the boxes it says Absolut Vodka. Back when Absolut was the good vodka to drink. I'm wearing more makeup than a drag queen, so much that it's still all on, still looking pretty good. My apartment looks like Sephora after a sorority has been through, Jez is batting at my belt and i'm thirsty as hell. I'm sleepy, yet really awake.

It's 3:53am, and it's cold in here. The month is almost over, and for that I'm glad. I love winter, but man, I'm really ready for some warmth.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Minx Meme

Well, today I was finally fill all of you in on what's been going on. I was going to tell you about Vegas, about the jobs I've been working on, about the run in I had with the idiot who works at a waaayyy overpriced (and honey, not really all that good) chocolatier in a waaaayyyyy overpriced furniture store. I was going to tell you about my friends, my dreams, my hopes. I was going to read the stars and divulge fantasies. I was going to make the most of this silly little medium we call blogs and blast it right open, straight down to the shiny white core!

Instead, I got tagged by Sweetgirl, so instead you get Six Weird Things You Didn't Know About Minx.

(tho, honestly, I do feel like kinda an open book, or, more to the point, a chick that blabs on incessantly about herself, so you probably know most of this already)

1. I abhor waste. Especially of food. I will make leftovers of leftovers of leftovers. Two days ago I took home some shrimp, ham, and fresh mozzerella leftover from lunch on a job in some financial firm, and from it I made a shrimp and ham hash with poached eggs and fresh mozzerella cubes for dinner. Delicious and cheap!

2. There are two websites I must visit each day, preferably before I leave for work. It's my version of morning coffee. They are Jigzone and Yahoo Crosswords.

3. I've lived in Manhattan for 8 years. Before that, between the time I was fifteen and the time I moved here, I never stayed in one place for more than a year and a half at a time. Minx was a rollin' stone. Now, I just feel kinda mossy.

4. If you know me personally, you will notice I always wear a steadily lessening collection of thin black rubber bracelets. These were known as Madonna bracelets when I was in sixth grade, and I've had them since then (hence, the lessening collection. They tend to break after 20 years. 20 years! Oy.) Anyway, I have a compulsion to wear them. Even if I'm at a formal event, and I absolutely can't wear them, I stick one in my purse. Interestingly, I do not sleep or shower in them. Also, I only started wearing them after I moved here. Hmmmm.

5. Small, repetitive noises irritate the crap out of me. Radar detectors, elevator beeps, people clicking gum or their teeth. Like nails on chalkboards. Weird, tho, if you play a game on Jigzone, the pieces click with a noise you would think I would hate. Nuh-uh, I always have the volume turned up high.

6. I lived in Sweden for a year. As an exchange student in high school. Best and most influential experience of my life. Ever.

6.5. Since you all already knew about the Sweden thing (since I never shut up about it), I got my first kiss at age 12, after my Bat Mitzvah, standing on a jungle gym at the park at the other end of my street. I believe my exact words to my adolescent paramour afterwards were, "uh, talk about fumbling and awkward". And my love life has been perfect ever since.

And did any of you see the pillow fight in Union Square today? No joke, I was headed up to the Greenmarket, and I saw all these kids (kids. Damn, now I feel old. They were college students) walking around with pillows. I thought, hey, maybe it's that weekend where all the high school kids check out their college choices and stay over and they just like to have their own pillows. Then I saw the feathers flying. Literally.

A pillow fight! How cool is that?! I luv New York.

Oh, and the Rowan sweater is going well. Back is done, and I'm almost done with the second sleeve. Remind me never to do an oversized sweater on size six needles again, please. Thank you.