Saturday, September 09, 2006

Staying out of Trouble. Maybe.

So, I've been working on a Korean gangster movie.

This was quite sudden. I went on one day to assist my friend Stephanie, and that day she told me that she had gotten a job on a sitcom and did I want to take over the film? Since it's hard for me to turn down, um, you know, employment, I said Sure, why not? I started the next day.

And it's been a dream. Not the waking up at 4:30 am part, not the no time to read or knit or cook or continue my love affair with Manhattan part - we've been in Flushing, Queens, which of course has it's charms, tarnished tho they may be, not my return to dependance on coffee - this morning saw me at the Astor Place Starbucks at 5:33am, shrieking to the employees that they were supposed to be open 3 minutes ago!, but a dream nonetheless. The actors are fabulous, and sweet, and good looking with great skin, and funny and like to give hugs. For those who like names, two of the leads are John Cho (from Harold and Kumar go to White Castle) and Grace Park, from Battlestar Galactica, which I'm told I have to start watching. And if you're a fan of Korean films, you'll recognize a slew of other folks too. Including apparently, the Tom Hanks of Korean film, or the Al Pacino, or something. We're not sure. But he's a very nice guy. And he has a posse.

And I'm learning some Korean as well. Gun-beh means cheers. Sheba means, uh, dang. And meen-eh (or meen-ah, can't remember) means a handsome man. Put those three together, and it's a party. I've had lots of Korean food, natch, and I'm learning the various intricacies of Korean style kareoke.

Oh, and it's called West 32nd Street. Which is where I'll be, tomorrow (Saturday) from 6pm til 7am. Yay.

Any astute readers notice something there? Hows about the fact that I mentioned that I usually am getting up before the proverbial crack of dawn, then that tomorrow I'll be at work at 6 in the fricking PM. Yes, days into nights. So tonight I'm on a mission to stay up until at least 3am. Those who know me well (and those that have just heard the rumors) know that's normally not a problem. Yet for the past week my bedtime has been around 9:30pm. As in, when I normally start to cook dinner. Sigh.

So tonight, I watched 3 Tivo'd shows. I've paid 3 bills. I've scrubbed the shower (which I haven't done in 3 months). It's midnight now, and I'm powering on through.