Monday, September 17, 2007

Queens For A Day

Well, I've abandoned the big ol list of what I've been up to - it's too long. Maybe I'll work on it on the side and do a sort of meme later on. So because I'm completely procrastinating putting my kit together for a job tomorrow and needing to go to bed before 2am I figured I'd finally update a bit. Just a little bit.

Oh, before I forget, and cause apparently you can't be a knit blogger without crowing this to all and sundry, I too have gotten my Ravelry invite. Y'all can find me there, under CityMinx, natch.

So, yesterday was lovely. Yay for the weather! Yay for fall! Yay for the fact that I live in the most amazing city on this here planet, a city where you can in a day, cross continents and centuries, and I did it all yesterday. And I wasn't even all that tired afterwards.

I spent the day with blogless (but still lovely) Johanna. We met up in front of her building in Astoria, Queens around 1pm. Yes, Queens is still part of New York City. I maybe a NYC snob, but I'm not that much of a snob. Shush, I can hear you sniggering. Right there, in front of her building, there was a Ukranian church fair. I should of taken pictures, but man o man I was too busy stuffing my face with Pierogies and Wurst and pastries. Yum yum. We visited the church, it's beautiful. If you ever have a chance to go to a Ukranian church here, or lucky duck, in the Ukraine, you'll be amazed at the art, the mosaics, the painting and architecture. Gorgeous. We listened to Ukrainian disco music - not to be missed, and Ukranian doo-wop. It defies description. We bought frozen pierogies to stash in the freezer, and then we head out.

If you take a longish walk, two subway trains, a half hour bus ride and another, but shorter walk, you come to Queen's only working farm. Swear to God. A working farm on the eastern end of the Borough. And this past weekend they had a County Fair!!!! No joke. Here's a link. This was so much fun, I finally dragged out the camera.

We saw sheep! Mmmm, Yarn

Or, as I called them, Yaaaaarn

And, apparently, they quite like Kettle Corn:Feeding Sheep

Hope I didn't make them too sick.

One of my favorite things (other than fried dough and cotton candy) about County Fairs are the blue ribbon competitions. Remember Charlotte's Web? And Little Boy on the Farm? I always remember how Almanzo thought he might have cheated, cause his prize winning pumpkin was milk-fed which is what made it so large. Or something. Kids had high morals in those days, apparently.

Anyways, Johanna showed off some Blue Ribbon winning pickles Johanna and Pickles And Veggies Johanna and Veggies

And me, being a baker, and a Jewish one at that, I was really really happy to see the Tribe represented by some Blue Ribbon Rugelach
Blue Ribbon Rugelach

Musta been since we were so close to Long Island.

We saw disaffected teenage girls in colonial costumes demonstrating colonial cooking techniques. I swear, these girls were so apathetic you could practically see "I'm doing this for school credit, and nothing else, and omigod I hope no one from school sees me like this, and like, I really miss my iPod". And Johanna and I knew more about the spinning wheel than the tour guide. Heh heh.

And the crafts were amazing. We saw a whole bunch of Medieval Recreationists show us how to use a Lucet, and damn, now I want one. They were very nice, if a bit enthusiastic and a mite bit scary. So we ran away quickly, despite that some of those brawny bearded men were quite...mmmm. But, since I really don't want to spend my weekends frolicking in the woods with my boobs squished to my chin in a corset, actually, that sounds kinda fun. And they have mead. No, I need indoor plumbing. Strike that.

After the we escaped the SCA folks, we went to the craft barns, where we met Lynn.
Lynn Showing us Bobbin Lace

Lynn is awesome. Lynn is who I want to be when I'm her age, with a little Auntie Mame thrown in. Name the fiber craft, she does it. She works 6 days a week, she's in her mid 80's, by my estimate. She's funny, quick, and a pisser. A ballsy broad. And she makes bobbin lace.
Bobbin Lace

Beautiful! She was throwing those bobbins around like she was playing Three Card Monte. Not that this is a new craft I want to learn, mind you. I can just appreciate this one. And I'm in awe.

Well, nothing could top that. So we hiked back to Astoria and visited the Biergarten, cause we hadn't had enough Eastern Europeaness in our day. Note: dumplings are not all the same. Sometimes, dumplings are squooshy white bread. Just so you know. And then I had Reese's Pieces.

It was a great day. And night. And weekend.

Next up, the three projects I've finished, the three I'm working on, and will I ever learn to walk in those stiletto's? And, honestly, do I really need to?



PS: Almost forgot! We saw a chicken lay an egg. Don't recommend watching that again. Ugh.


  • At 11:41 AM, Blogger JustApril said…

    Sounds vunderbar! I love NYC.

  • At 1:51 PM, Blogger MUDNYC said…

    Ooooh, Ukranian fests! Pierogies! Yum! My grammar school was Ukranian and Catholic -- and we had to say mass in Ukranian. I don't think I could remember any of it now, though.

    I love country/county fairs, too. This weekend we went to one, and I had bought a big bag of roving, and some little kid said to his mom, "Look at all the cotton candy she has!!!!"

    See you tonight! Yay!

  • At 5:23 PM, Blogger JustApril said…

    I'm not doing the podcast anymore, it just got to be too much for me. I miss it though, even though there's really nothing to talk about these days.

    I'll have to remember that "Rubber Band Syndrome". I think I've also heard it called 'spotlight consciousness'. I get it a LOT, whatever it's called =)

  • At 10:17 AM, Blogger Kimberli said…

    Sounds like SO MUCH FUN!!!
    I haven't been to a county fair in ages...although none of them beat the town farm fairs from when I was kid (atleast that's the memory I have and I'm sticking to need to over think those 'AMAZING' childhood memories of blue ribbons and chasing greased pigs!)

    My Grandmother gave me much of the equiptment for bobbin lace and one of these days I'm going to get the rest and give it whirl!!!

    Cheers from China!

  • At 8:27 AM, Blogger Jenn said…

    Just clicked on your link from Yarn Ball Boogie! I'm hooked! Love, Love, Love your writing style!


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