Monday, July 10, 2006

I'm Leaving, On A Jet Plane....with snacks

Fancy Food Show Fancy Food Show Fancy Food Show!!!! I ask you, are there more lovely words that start with those letters? Well, yes, there are. Tee hee. Wink. But we won't go in to all that now. This is so awesome. My uncle sells these portable studios that people use to photograph their product, so he often gets extra passes to cool trade shows. That is not an oxymoron. I've been to the gift show, the fancy food show, the luxury goods show, the home decorators show, and some medical shows. Hey, I like free pens. The only thing is sometimes I have to go in under someone else's name. Whatever, for all the free chocolate and foie gras lollipops (I kid you not, it's an experience best left unmentioned) I can be a Justin. Which is what my name will be tomorrow. So tomorrow, I get to roam Javits Center, filling several large tote bags and my pockets and my purse with tasty delectables from around the world. Which is perfect, cause I'm going to need a snack on the plane ride to SAN FRANCISCO!

Yep, I'm going to SF. Better be sure to wear some flowers in my hair. Hope I don't leave my heart. Turn on, tune in, drop out. Eat my way across the damn city. Anything but Rice-A-Roni. My wonderful and dear sainted friend Dana who works for JetBlue called me on Saturday to say that she had two one-way passes that needed to be used by the end of the month. And did I want them. (pause to make it seem like i actually have a life and have to check my schedule). Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

So I'm leaving Wednesday, and staying with my cousin Erin, who I only met for the first time last year, but I think we've talked nearly every week since. Any recommendations, leave 'em in the comments.

So, anyway, have to apologize. It seems to be that the more I have going on in my life, the less I want to write about it. And it's been a lot that's been going on. Some boy stuff. Some summer stuff. Some work stuff. Aaaannnnnddddddd.......some knitting stuff!

This is one of the baby hats I made for my friend Priya, whom I miss terribly and is expecting her second baby, a girl, down in Hotlanta. I'm such a bad friend, haven't even met her first kid yet. Sigh, I promise, I'll get down there soon. Here's a picture of the back:

So adorable, right? And damn easy. Very forgiving pattern. Took about two days to make each one.

And though I've ostensibly been on a yarn diet, for, oh, the past two years, last week one of the Carols plunked down in front of me a skein of Noro Bunny, or whatever it's called, it's what John used to make his vest. Four Dollars. I kid you not. Anyway, I had one of those really rare occurences where I looked at the yarn and immediately, knew, just knew what it had to be. It had to be this:

Love it. Took a day and a half to make, not to mention the day and a half to find the crocheted flower patterns.

What else? Oh! Mom is coming to town tomorrow! Aaaannnndddd......probably coming to SnB as well! Now, youse knows I's loves mes my Moms. But, in the interest of sanity (mine), not all the minxy happenings and information flows through the phone, if you get my drift. So, for my fellow New Yorkers, when you meet Mama Astmann (tho, really, don't call her that. We call my Dad's mom Mama, and she would not appreciate being called that moniker. Seriously) please, if you care for me, do not mention either this blog or the current boy situation. Or the fact that there might even be a situation. It's better this way.

Trust me.


  • At 10:05 AM, Blogger MUD said…

    We loyal readers would like to know more about said boy situation...

  • At 11:41 AM, Blogger Jessica said…

    What an adorable baby hat! That is just too cute.
    Have fun in SF--such a fabulous city. And mum's the word (ha ha) in front of your mum.

  • At 7:37 AM, Anonymous john said…

    Um....I'm confused. ONE-WAY tickets to SanFran? Are you moving there? Or just paying for your way back? Talk about a good use of that Noro!! Love the scarf.


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