Monday, May 29, 2006

Haiku, or something.

I wish New York had better craft and toy and party supply stores.

It was very very hot out today.

And I'm in the mood for chai.

Random, thoughts, by the cityminx. Seriously, it's almost poetry, no?

Anyway, today I celebrated the weather by.....running errands! Woo-hoo, do I know how to live it up or what? And tomorrow - more of the same! Then SnB. Do you know, I've been dragging on finishing an easy and enjoyable project just so I could finish it while at SnB? Then I came to my senses and finished the thang.

Jewell gave me this pattern, she had made it for Kara's exchange party, and Nicole picked it out. Immediately, I coveted. And I've had this mystery yarn from School Products for ages, and I tried to crochet this really cool hat called The Lizzy Cap, designed by Annie Modesitt, which I could not figure out for the life of me. If any of you are familiar with this pattern, it's in the crochet-a-day calendar, please let me know. I'd still like to try it. Anyway, I needed a quickie (so to speak), so I made the headband. Next up is the Blizzard, from Scarf Style, but in a lavender mohair from Suss.

I was going to toot my Julia horn again today, in the fact that I made a quiche from scratch without a recipe from whatever I had around, but I can only lay claim to the crust. Hint for making a delicious quiche: make sure the damn shredded expensive Emmanthaler cheese isn't leftover from two weeks ago, else you'll be chewing on rubber. 'Nuff said. Well, like I said, the crust was good. Even if it was made out of leftover passover flour. So I dumped out the filling and ate the crust for dinner. Yummy and healthy!

Here it is in all it's glory, before I tasted it. That's the truffle salt I put in the mix. Found it at SOS Chefs. Fabulous gourmet shop on B and 6th. They have a walk in with fresh mushrooms, asparagus, etc. And teas, chocolates, truffle products, herbs, and about 20 kinds of salt. And they are so nice there! Always giving you a taste of this, a sample of that. Big shout out to the lovelies at SOS.

And I have one more question for y'all - could somebody please direct me to a place that teaches you how to add buttons? I have like four of them on my desktop and I'd love to have them in the sidebar.

Gracias, and good night.


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