Monday, June 12, 2006


Hi lovelies!

Oh i've been busy. Been running back and forth to jersey, been working, been doing some crafty stuff (never thought I'd say it bud damn I miss the convenience of suburbia sometimes). I'd post more, but you never know who is reading this, and I'll post about my crafty stuff later, when it's safe.

And speaking of safe, anyone ever inhale fake smog for 8 hours? Well, hie thee over to Silvercup Studios to work on the reshoots for Anamorph, cuz you'll feel so right at home! Add in earplugs, since there will be gunshots - blanks, I think. I hope, and this was my week last week.

Actually, I can't complain. Or rather, I won't. The days were very light, I had a great time chatting with some hair and wardrobe people I hadn't seen in a while, Fling Boy was not there, thank Hosannah (there was some concern), I got some lovely major motion picture-type pay-rates, and learned so much more about the NRQ and E lines once they hit Queens! And, I learned the difference between Queens Plaza and Queensboro Plaza. Luckily, the difference is only about three blocks.

I'm trying to think about what's new, that I can talk about. Mostly, I've increased my bookmarks page by about 3 million. I am now addicted to food blogs. Which, actually, should come as no surprise to anyone. Haven't been cooking too much, since I've been out of the basics (like eggs, flour, honey, shallots, scallions, yogurt) for a few weeks now. I know, I know, get out there and shop. I've been shopping, it's just been at Pearl Paint. And I hate the produce there.

Anyway, cheese shop worth mentioning. Actually, entire food market worth mentioning. On Essex, between Delancy and Rivington there is the Essex Market, and oh boy. Wonderful produce, fish, meat, HUGE Latino market, and Vietnamese, and Saxelby Cheese. Oh yum. I mean, really, really yum. Talk to Ann when you get there, she's fantastic, and has tons of info, and gives lots and lots of samples. Check it out, let me know what you think.

Oh! Went on the yarn crawl with Katy. Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration. It was Katy and I (me?), and we wound up going to only one shop, Stitch Therapy, which was lovely, but stuck to my yarn diet. But, I never said I was going on a gourmet food shop diet, and a good thing too, since we stumbled across Blue Apron Foods, 814 Union St. at Seventh Avenue, (718) 230-3180. Thirty five dollars later.....Well, some were food presents for the family. And I found Roast Chicken Flavored Potato Chips. Minx is curious.....
So, yarn looking, food shopping, dragging Katy into every toy store we passed, flea marketing, and finding a clean loo. Sounds like a perfect day.

Worked at CBS today. I really have to get over myself about that job. Really, it isn't so bad. So I have to wake up at the crack of dawn. It just makes taking a mid-day nap all that easier. So I don't do much, that's okay, I get lots of knitting and reading done. Whatever, there was a week there where I had absolutely no spare cash whatsoever, so until they offer me the key position on Law and Order or something, youse takes what youse can gets. And watch The Early Show on Wednesday, I'm doing the male models (heh heh).

Sooooo....Wanna see my stash? I've cleaned it up since, but by golly it's a mess...

Okaaaay, that's about enough for now. I do have tons more pix to post, but it will have to wait a few days. Full disclosure next week.

And a hola to Dave of Chub Creek, to prove I'm not crazy (yep, had another Ambien episode. I swear I'm going to have to switch to Lunesta) and to April, cause she taught me how to Frappr Chat, then we decided we liked iChat better anyway.


  • At 10:00 PM, Blogger Aprilynne said…

    Wow.. that's a motley stash =)*)

    CBS - Craig Ferguson's network aaaahhh (but he's in LA, rats)

    luv yer blog =)

  • At 12:21 AM, Blogger MUD said…

    What are you working on now? I mean, craft/knit-wise...or is that a wait and see until full disclosure next week kind of a thing? I've been lurking around, waiting for another post. I may be gone, but I've not forgotten!!!


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