Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Long post, to make up for long time no post

Woo-ee it’s been a long time! And so much has occurred. Lemmee see, hmm, um….I worked. Hey, don’t knock it, it’s what pays for all the yarn and makeup. And mortgage and electricity and phone and food and stuff. Unless your parents come home after being away for almost six months in the Florida heat, which tends to addle my Mother’s brain to my advantage, cause then she feels like she has to spend money on me. And who am I to argue with that? So, off we go to Woodbury Commons!

I have not been up there in years, Years, I say. And now the place is huge! There are five sections, and we barely made it through two of them. And for a girl brought up in Malltown, USA, that is a crime and a shame. Or a crying shame. Whatever. However, loot was to be had. I think Chef Central has an outpost called Le Gourmet Chef, where for not a lot of money, I picked up this gigunda haul:

My god, you say. And I agree. Here’s a closeup of some items:

I also found a make-up store, where the discount was better than mine. Especially the Clinique stuff, since I don’t get a discount there.
Then when I got home I was a little bummed, since a Bobbi Brown lip palette somehow had entered some fifth dimension between my basket and the shopping bag, and I neither paid for it or received it. Weird. Apparently in one of the other sections there’s another store like this one, but with different brands. I shall return, oh yes, I shall return.

Also to be had were shoes, all on discount, and socks, and something called a Stock Sock (hee hee) which apparently you put
all the stuff you want to make stock with in, then when your done you simply lift it up out of the pot and toss it in the trash. No straining, no mess. My mom thought it was brilliant.

And I now own a piece of designer clothing.
This Carmen Marc Valvo (musta been Nicole’s influence) jacket was 75% off, and I had a 10% off coupon for the store, so I’ll only hyperventilate a little when I wear it. Covered in plastic and with a bodyguard to shield me from all spills. And now I have to buy pants, and a shell to wear underneath. Jeez, dressing nice takes so much effort!

Ok, that was shopping, and it was fun. Then, I went to work. All I had to do was put a beard on this guy:
La beard:

This was a cool little studio; there was a hallway with themed dressing rooms:

And a subway mocked up:

Neat, right? Well, later on in the day, I discovered that the rooms were not some whimsical Disney-esque cutsie thing, but rather, wait for it ........... themed rooms in which to shoot pornos.

I have such an interesting job.

Thank god the makeup room was normal. At least I hope it was.

Anyway, the whole day was pretty fun, all things considered. And some things that I would rather not. Here is a pic of what I was looking at most of the day:

Yup, guy in a fake beard, sitting on a fake log in front of a fake fire, being photographed by a guy in a bear costume with the head hanging off, while another dude lays behind some fake rocks with his hand up the bum of one puppet, while the other one lies next to him, spent.
In a porn studio.

I love my job.


  • At 9:14 PM, Blogger MUD said…

    You really do have a cool job, and one of the most exciting lives I know of. Where do you get all the stamina to fule your crazy life? Can I have some?


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