Friday, March 24, 2006

I'm Soooo Popular

To borrow a line from Miss Jessamyn. I've found a counter! Perhaps one day I'll find one where the sponsor link isn't so glaringly obvious, but for now it's just find and dandy. If you have a counter you love (I know, one's love for html code can only go so far) let me know about it. Meantime, visit, and visit often.

So, went to the bank today to cash in the two $20 traveler's checks. And lo and behold, they were two £20 traveller's cheques. More money, woo-hoo! Tho now I have to find an American Express Travel Office to turn them in. I think there may be one downtown. Google was no help.

Also went to Debbie's book tour thang at Housing Works. And you would not believe how much yarn there was for one or two dollars a ball. Well, lemme show you:

And that wasn't all of it.

This is what I came home with. Don't know what's up with all the blue and orange. The bag is full of ten skeins of Patons Grace, and for one dollar for the whole shebang I just could not turn it down. Might turn into a charity giveaway. The multi colored ball looks a lot like Artyarns Ultramerino 4. I love love love the soft blue wool, if I could find more it would become Blizzard, but I think it wants to be a lacy scarf or cozy hat. The blue ribbon is shiny, and y'all know how I react to shiny, or glittery. Freaking catnip it is.

Anyway, came home, made mashed jerusalem artichokes for dinner, and parsley soup for later. I made it up with no recipe, since apparently no one has thought to make soup out of parsley and put the recipe on the internet, but I think it turned out lovely, albeit a touch salty. I neglected to make it with vegetable broth, and threw in two bullion cubes. One would've been enough. Oh well, can always thin it out a bit. Would be nice with tortellini for dinner tomorrow, if I can resist the lure of the new Thai restaurant on 8th street. Mmmmm, Thai food. Cheap Thai/Vietnamese food with a sake bar.

Hell, I can always freeze the soup.


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