Monday, March 20, 2006

In search of local watering hole.....

Today, I had inertia. So I only cleaned the dining room and hallway. I prefer to think of the glass as half full. And I broke my mop. That’s some damn serious cleaning there.

So after cleaning for an hour I realized I deserved a well-earned break and went to go meet Jenn at the Point. On my way over I decided to catch up on my podcasts and listed to Episode 15 of Cast On. Dave of Chub Creek was guest hosting and oh my he was hysterical. Seriously, I was walking through Washington Square Park and I had to hold my cell phone to my ear so it wouldn’t seem as if I was sputtering and laughing hysterically at thin air. Tho, this being Crack Square Park, it probably wasn’t too out of place…Seriously, listen to the Ed and Ethel sketch and let me know what you think. I’ve now subscribed to his cast so I can hear more. Anyway, back to the Point. Jenn was having a spacey kinda day and left after an hour or so, so I headed home and Jo called, and we decided to meet up and have a ‘welcome to the neighborhood’ drink. Went to a new place in the ‘hood called Jack. The fondue was good, if small, but there is almost nothing bad about melted cheese, and décor was lovely. But chock full of older gay men from Vermont, and honestly, not my type o’ crowd. Anymore.

So, from there we checked out Cedar, didn’t even sit down. Went to Reservoir, had watered down grain alcohol with maraschino juice, which bore no resemblance to the vodka with a splash of cranberry that I had ordered. Decided that we absolutely had to find a local place for us that wasn’t a restaurant bar. The search continues.

List for tomorrow: cleaning, taxes, make casserole for neighbor that had surgery, SnB, then post knitting cocktail at Swift. Oh, and buying a new mop.


  • At 2:40 PM, Blogger Jessica said…

    I think you've planned too much for yourself on Tuesday. Better cut it down to SnB and a cocktail.


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