Monday, March 13, 2006

Bad Girl

I am such a tool.

I told everyone about this charity baby hat knitting thing I wanted to do, I emailed people about it, I frigging baked for the damn thing, and I slept right though the entire event.

However, it was for a good cause, or really, a fun cause. The designer that Gino styles for, Andrew Buckler, dressed the DJ that played at Pasha last night. Now, I didn’t even get there until 1am or so (was supposed to get there at midnight, but who knew it would be so fricking difficult to get a cab at 12:30 on a Saturday? Plus traffic, horrendous traffic). So I get there at 1, tell the doorman I’m with the DJ (love that!), get in without waiting in line or paying (love that even more!) and walk into what seemed to be the biggest Sweet 16 party I’ve ever seen. Seriously, I felt old. And there was more hair gel in the room than at a Cure concert. But I found my way to the party, and the night commenced.

Here is Tony looking cute in a cab. And exhausted, we ran blocks and blocks to find one!

As soon as I got in, this chick from a website called World DJ took my photo. I’ve been all over that website trying to find it, but I guess their photo editor has little taste.
This is an approximation of that photo (ok, ok, I just thought I looked cute Saturday night. Holy bronzer, Batman!)

New to the whole party group is a couple Gino zeroed in on at a dinner a month or so ago. This couple is so damn cute, you want them to star in their own TV show. Mark and Melissa. He’s a trader, she is an amazing photographer and is studying Spanish. They live in a fabulous apartment around the corner from me. And did I mention they’re English? Here is Melissa, Melanie and me, being friendly. PS: Melanie is an amazing handbag designer. I covet, and you will too.

Sometimes Gino just needs a good kick in the ass. Or three. (I would’ve shown a picture of Gigi, but he was having a bad hair night. And friends need to respect that)

So, after the hours of dancing, where I seemed to attract mostly retarded asian midgets (some of you might find that offensive, but you were not there, and the drinking of table service vodka, and the arrival of a group from Long Island wearing t-shirts with pictures of the DJ printed on them, we decided that the shark had been jumped and headed out. To Mark and Melissa’s! Where more alcohol was consumed and we all tried to see if we could put our legs behind our ears. Gino won. I won’t show the pictures.

Finally stumbled home around 5am, thank hosannah they live literally two blocks away. Ate a bag of Japanese rice snacks, blocked out the sunlight, and passed out.

There will be no charity kntting today.
Biscotti, anyone?


  • At 6:31 PM, Blogger MUD said…

    Wild child! I get to live vicariously...and you know we wanna hear some dirt about Stamford tomorrow night! Glad you're back!

  • At 9:30 PM, Blogger Jessica said…

    Wow, you live a wild, wild life! I too live vicariously. I like your avatar--isn't it so fun to pick out her outfits? See you Tuesday!


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