Friday, March 30, 2007

What To Do With Leftover Rice, Part XXVII

Now, I may not exactly be a reticent person (stop laughing, you know exactly who you are), but I am not really a fan of Kareoke. Oh, I used to sing, and quite well actually, back in high school that is. While I never played the romantic lead in our school shows, I was often the witty best friend, or mother, or Yenta (sigh, so like real life!) and had to belt out a tune or seven. But then came college, and smokes, bourbon, and certain other illicit materials. Not necessarily in that order. Which had a horrible effect on my vocal cords and other singing apparatus, so that soon all I could manage was a pretty damn good Edie Brickell impersonation.

So, usually, I have to be pretty toasted to be convinced to sing. But once full inebriateion occurs, look out Shania! I's a kareoke singing FOOL. Especially during West 32nd
, the Korean gangster film I worked on last fall. Go to that website now, yes now! and check out the trailer. I'll wait.

Okay, cool, isn't it? It'll be at Tribeca Film Festival next month. Okay, sorry, got sidetracked. I kareoked a lot during that film, kareoke is huge amongst the fabulous Korean folk. And with them, I will sing. I hazily remember grabbing the mike out of one of the actors hands during his rendition of Paradise City snarling "Korean boys can't sing GnR, only Jersey girls can sing GnR!!" Sigh...

Anyway, one of the other things that got me out to Kareoke (ok, is it me, or can you imagine Ross from Friends saying Ka-rat-AY every time you read that word?) was a place called 2nd and 2nd, a singing joint that used to have japanese cuisine but moved on to Thai, which is when I stopped going. But when it was japanese, they had One Of My Favorite Dishes In The World, and they called it Japanese Pizza.

Instead of telling you what it was, I'ma gonna show ya. Beause I had some leftover rice, and I live two blocks from a Japanese supermarket, where you can get a nice big piece of sashimi-grade salmon for $3.50. Which, brings the grand total cost of this dish to ... $3.50 (ok, taking for granted you have some leftover rice, mayo and scallions in the pantry. Or fridge)
So, first:

•Slice salmon thinly and put aside.
•Slice scallions, and put a small handful aside
•Mix up some mayo with wasabi powder (if you want) and thin it out with some lemon juice or oil

•Put the rice and chopped scallions and some mirin or water and salt in a microwave proof covered bowl and nuke that sucker for one minute

•Heat canola oil in a small pan. Take the heated rice and pour it into pan, flattening it to make a pancake

•Brown fully on one side, then flip or slide out onto a plate and invert back into the pan to brown

(okay, so my flipping skills ain't all that, sue me)

•Slide back onto a plate, and blot with paper towels, if necessary.

•Let cool a bit.
•Brush a little of the mayo mixture on top, then arrange salmon slices, decoratively, of course, then sprinkle the remaining scallions and some sesame seeds on top.

•••And get your kareoke freak on•••

Anyway, that was way yummy, and cheap and really not that difficult. From beginning to end takes about 10 minutes.

In other news, not too much to report. Sorrel is sewn together, and I just need to pick up 56,000 stitches around the neck for the cowl. Or 288, same diff. And why did no one tell me how absolutley horrible and horrendously Rowan patterns are written? Limey bastards. Sorry Heather, no offense to you personally.

Because I've been hit with a brick in the head, I've decided to once again do Passover at Chez Minx. But I'm not cooking everything this time. I'm letting my NINE guests help out with wine, side dishes, and dessert. Except for one dessert - ok, maybe two, and a side that looked so easy. But I just made Pumpkin Seed Brittle since I had raw pumpkin seeds, and sugar and water and fleur de sel to sprinkle on top. Found the recipe on the Diary of a Foodie website. Which was going to be the original title of my blog, until I realize I also wanted to talk about getting drunk and knitting, sometimes at the same time.

This candy making thing is fun. It's a lot of 'hang on, hang on, hang on, OH SHIT IT'S READY NOW' stuff, where you think you're doing it wrong, until all of a sudden it's right. Kinda like life.

I'll make it again, and take pictures next time. Another super easy recipe. Try it, maybe with another nut or seed, like sesame, if you don't have pepitas.

All righty then, gotta run and clean hardened melted sugar off of my countertop. I do believe I would kill for a butcher block counter top with a marble inset. Kill, I tell you, well, maybe not kill, but definitly shoot withering glances at and speak snide comments about, in full view of that person. Cause I want it that much.

Have a great weekend


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