Monday, February 27, 2006

I missed you, did you miss me?

Hello darlings!

Sorry it's been a few days. I was in Jersey for a christening (is that supposed to be capitalized?) over the weekend, and the parent's computer is just beyond my patience, so, instead of spending time on the computer, I took a hot bath in the gigunda jacuzzi tub. mmmmmmmm. Much more beneficial.
I did, of course, shop a bit. How could I go to Jersey and not? Treasure Island is going out business, and everything was at least 60% off (!). I was hoping to find a swift and winder, but no luck there. Instead, I found this:

All this loot for only $7.94. Yep, less than 8 bucks. I've been thinking about playing around with some smaller guage crochet projects, so voila! The thing in the blue package is what's called a water pen. don't know what it's original intended use is, but it's great for filling with solvent and using it to take off fake facial hair and wigs. Which leads me to my next point o' business.

I won't be able to post again for a while, since tonight I'm heading up to Stamford, Connecticut for a few days to work on a film that's shooting up there. It takes place in 1887, so I'll be mostly putting on sideburns, mucking happily about with glue and freezing my minxy behind off. Yay for fleece. And projects on big needles. Speaking of, stopped by Suss today, and they still have a few baskets of sale stuff around.

So, anyone know of any yarn shops in Stamford? Or any really good restaurants or bars I should hit? I'll try to get some internet access, and I'll let y'all know if anything really exciting happens.

Otherwise, I'll be back thursday or friday.


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