Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Hotel du MInx

I'm taking a break. Right now, I'm in between gigs, and what i should be doing is: going to the gym, doing my taxes, making phone calls and annoying other makeup artists to prove what a winsome and valuable and talented addition i would be to their trailers, and other prodtuctive activities.
So, what am i doing in actuality? Sleeping til 11. Thinking about how i have no food in the house, and should place a freshdirect order, but when would it come, and i won't use the food because it'll go bad since i'm going away this weekend, but i'm tired of eating just breadcrumbs (literally) when i get munchy-ish, blather blather, and abusing the computer. which isn't quite as dirty as it sounds, it basically involves visiting many times a day, doing crosswords, reading other blogs, and obsessively refreshing my myspace page. and i waste ENTIRE DAYS like this. I need help.
But, today i actually started cleaning. Hotel du CityMinx is once again open for business, and my friend and fellow MU artist (except whe also does hair, and is an esthetician, and if i didnt' like her so much i would completely hate her out of jealousy) got a ten day gig here and is crashing on the oh so comfy Minx couch. So i've dusted the entire living room and dining room, cleaned the bedroom, cleaned reams of paperwork off the desk (tax stuff is in a bag - doesn't count) and the only reason i haven't started the vacuum cleaner is that i'm listening to the CastOn podcast. Of course, I could hit pause, but that would so not work into my rhythm here. So I update!

Speaking of, I am oh so new at this blogging thang. If any of you can tell me how to add cool things, make links, add pictures, etc, I would welcome and grovel for all of that crap. And not just sending me code, tho that is appreciated, but tell me how to implement it.

Back to cleaning, I'll post again later.


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