Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Heh heh. Heh.

This had been a long time coming. Mostly for my dear friends around me, who have listened to me ramble on about what to call this blog, for the past few months or so. Other choices have been FlirtyGirl, the Enabler, PurlyGirl, Girl With A Purl Earring (uh, sense a theme?), Smink, Goodface, and many many other embarassing names that even I was embarassed to say out loud. And that's saying a lot. A whole lot.

So, this is my blog. A bit about knitting, a bit about food, a bit about make-up and work, and family and Manhattan. A lot about my days and thoughts and ramblings. Oh, that was another name-to-be: CoherentRamblings. I like CityMinx, hope you do too. And be warned - I will talk about you. So be nice. And send presents.




  • At 12:22 AM, Blogger PassionKNITly said…

    So far, I see no info about knitting, food, make-up, work or family and Manhattan. So it can only get better!! :)

    I'll throw a few html whatevers in your direction tomorrow night.


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