Sunday, March 04, 2007

Vodka and Soda Do A Strange Blog Entry Make

Um. Hi there.

Hoo boy.

I just want to... I mean, I know I have a problem. I've told myself, I've told you even, I know this, we've gone over and over it.

When I drink, I don't blog. Don't drink and blog. It's simple. It's easy. It's.....I just can't stop.

I do apologize for that last entry down there. It seems, once you dress me up, slap some lipgloss on and put me in a room full of drag queens giving out drink tickets that I just become Miss Preciouspants. I mean, really, blue type? Maybe because I was cold? Puh-leeze.

But I did have a good time! Here's my compadre in crime-o, my own lovely Gigi:

Doesn't he look lovely and festive and fringe-y? Cinched up tight as Scarlett O'Hara.

Here are some of the characters that were there that night.

I know the girl on the left is named Jun, not sure of the chick in the fishnets and butt floss and se-Heer-ious eye make-up, but hey, she's having a good time, giant wedgie notwithstanding.

This is Andre.

He was feeling it. Wasn't feeling the Mach 5 razor, but was feeling the spirit. He gave the best and most spirited performance, singing a gospel song about joy. We were dancing and singing and jumping up and down. Or maybe that was just me trying to warm up. No, it was Andre. He was fabulous.
Actually, I ran into Andre a few days later, at Pat's Field's shop on Bowery, swathed in gold glitter dust. Of course.

And, how could it be a night without Miss Amanda Lepore?

When I was a baby make-up artist I used to buy my make-up from her at Pat's 8th Street Store. Who'd thunk a few years later I'd be living down the street from there.

So, again, I am sorry. I will never try to imbibe and blog again.

(oh, of course I will! what's the fun in holding back???)

So, on another note, who wants to see a FO?

I finished this baby blanket aaaaaages ago, but I don't have pix yet of other stuff, and the Rowan sweater still needs a front. Well, I guess I could sew it together as is, all frontless. I can think of a few guys who would appreciate that, but honestly, I think I'd just be chilly.

Anyway, here it is, the Pinwheel Blanket. Specs are 3 strangs of LB Cotton-Ease held together on size 13 circs, with Glace used as a crocheted picot trim. (I sound so formal and tech-y. Love that)

More to follow!


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